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Library & Research Readiness Series for Canvas Commons

This series contains modules for use in Canvas course shells. Each module is dedicated to exploring information literacy and/or library use topics, each intended to offer an asynchronous method of delivering content to prepare students for academic resear

Library & Research Readiness Series Modules

Each module lists some information about what topics are covered within that module, as well as the format(s) of that content. Some modules may be primarily text based, while others will have a mixture of multimedia (video, screenshots) and text pages included.

Note to the Instructor is also included in each module, but remains unpublished for student viewing. We suggest reviewing the Instructor Notes prior to activating for your students, as these notes contain information about the content within, the length and scope of any video content included, and recommendations as to the intent and purpose of the module. 

Each module also contains a brief, 5 question quiz at the end. These can be completed multiple times, and offer some assessment for the student to see how well they retained the information within, as well as for the faculty of the course to assess each student's retention of the material.

The intent is for you (as an instructor) to be able to add this module to your Canvas Course, as preparation work prior to a visit or presentation by a librarian to the students in your class. (Note that this can be presented in-person, or via Zoom, or created as a separate recording customized to your course, depending upon how you complete the Library Instruction Request form here(Links to an external site).) 

However, if you are unable to fit in such a presentation with the rest of the schedule from your syllabus, this module may provide a standalone add-on for your course.

Likewise, although the module was built with the components above, you can "un-publish" any components that may not apply to the needs of your students.

If you have any questions about this module or any of the other Library & Research Readiness modules in Canvas Commons, please contact both and

How to Locate These Modules in Canvas Commons

Under the box on the left labeled Library & Research Readiness Modules Available in Canvas Commons, each published module has its own entry with information regarding that module's content and purpose. Additionally, there is a link included for each labeled Find the module here in Canvas Commons. That link should take you directly to Canvas Commons and the relevant module where you can download and import into your own course. 

However, you can also locate each of our modules by searching for them directly by title or by tags that have been associated with them based on the content within. Once you resolve to Canvas Commons, you'll find a search bar near the top of the page, as in the screenshot below.


Here, you can either search for all the Library & Research Readiness Series modules available by their titles, OR you can search for simple tags applicable to the modules. It is recommended to search for library or research or information literacy for best results. If, for example, you were interested in your students learning how to use Primo Pathfinder to search for academic articles and books, you could simply type in Pathfinder and find it that way as well. In the below screenshot, I've used library, which is a great way to see what is available so far in our series.


Select your module from the available options, and use the Import option on the right of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.



You will then be prompted with a screen to select which of your courses you'd like to import the module into, then select Import into Course, as demonstrated below.



If you need further assistance with importing these into your course, please contact ETL (Enhanced Teaching & Learning) here: