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Library & Research Readiness Series for Canvas Commons

This series contains modules for use in Canvas course shells. Each module is dedicated to exploring information literacy and/or library use topics, each intended to offer an asynchronous method of delivering content to prepare students for academic resear

Introduction to Salmon Library's Services & Website

This module (Library & Research Readiness: Introduction to Salmon Library's Services & Website) has the following Goals & Outcomes:

After completing this module, students will know:
1.  about the various Help Desks in the library

2.  which areas of the building are quiet study or social areas

3.  how to navigate to the library homepage

4.  what labs are available to them and how to find the building's hours of operation

5.  how to identify and contact a librarian 

6.  how to find the primary research tools and what their primary purposes are

It was built with the following components:

  • Goals for the module (student learning outcomes)
  • A video recording (8:00 minutes) that highlights the fundamental services and contact points for help.
  • Pages with brief text overviews of the primary Layout of and Help Desks/Service Points at Salmon Library
  • A 5-question multiple-choice quiz (a 5-point practice quiz in Canvas) to assess student retention of this information.
  • A link to a brief online feedback survey, so that students can share their feedback with the Library.
  • COVID-19 Addendum to services, indicating specific elements regarding our services are altered during this period. 

If you have any questions about this module or any of the other Library & Research Readiness modules in Canvas Commons, please contact both and

Find the Module here in Canvas Commons.