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This research guide helps to make it easier to find the resources you need for research during your MBA courses.

Space Science Management

Searching for Space Science Management: Books and Journals

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is on the forefront of the emerging study of space science management. Students train to hold managerial positions in government or commercial space programs. See below for search techniques and some selected electronic books for this discipline.

Suggested Search Terms to use in Primo Pathfinder:

  1. A subject search for Spacecraft Management. Limit your results by date.
  2. A subject search for Spacecraft Management AND a subject search for Private sector
  3. Search for the subjects Space flight, Commercial space industry AND Management

Look for databases in the sciences along with business databases to find information on this topic. Databases like ScienceDirect and NASA websites provide information on management techniques. You will also find recent peer reviewed articles in ScienceDirect about management in the private sector. In ScienceDirect, try the search: space science management NOT NASA and then limit to Research articles.

The library subscribes to specific space science journals in ScienceDirect. Try searching within these journals:

See below for a list of databases you can search directly or select one of the electronic books listed here.

Suggested Electronic Books on Space Science Management: