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MultiMaker Lab

This includes information about the space, equipment, and resources available to students, faculty, and staff.

Lab Coordinator

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Anna Kate Tippett
Subjects: Philosophy

Example Project Formats and Themes

Looking to incorporate a new type of project into your class or for alternatives to traditional projects like research papers? Consider some of these project ideas instead utilizing equipment and resources from the MultiMaker Lab.

  • Podcast
  • Vlog
  • PSA
  • Video
  • Narration accompanying a video, slideshow/Powerpoint presentation, etc. 
  • Interviews
  • Video presentation
  • Video presentation using a green screen background
  • 3D model creation
  • Posters/research posters
  • Infographics/graphics representing data
  • VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) projects
  • Set/costume type design
  • 3D reproductions of historical items/buildings
  • 3D representations of anatomy, organs, injuries, molecular models, etc. 

How 3D Printing will Revolutionize the Classroom

Class Projects and Instruction Sessions

The MultiMaker Lab is happy to partner with UAH faculty and staff on class projects or provide library instruction sessions for your classes on topics related to the lab and any of the equipment or software we provide. These sessions can be a synchronous (live) session delivered alongside your live class sessions both in-person or virtual, or we can deliver asynchronous materials for inclusion in Canvas, etc. The lab coordinator can visit your classroom or can book one of the classrooms in the library for your class. Instruction sessions can also be scheduled to take place in the MultiMaker Lab, but please note space is limited and the lab only has seating available for 20 students. 

To learn more about library instruction at the Salmon Library or to request a library instruction session, please visit our Library Instruction libguide.

If you’re interested in a class project or assignment related to the MultiMaker Lab but aren’t sure what, check out the Instruction Menu below for ideas or contact the Lab Coordinator and she’ll be happy to discuss ideas and possibilities with you to create something that works for you and your class. 

The Instruction Menus below are a list of examples of possible instruction sessions that can be provided by the lab coordinator; any of the sessions can be customized for your class. There are two lists, one for synchronous/live instruction sessions and one for asynchronous sessions. Neither list is not exhaustive, and the lab coordinator will be happy to work with you on creating a unique instruction session to fit your class’s needs. Instruction session lengths can also be adjusted to fit your schedule. They can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as your class time, or anywhere in between.

Synchronous/Live Instruction Menu

MultiMaker Lab Tour: This session takes place in the MultiMaker Lab (LIB 115). Students will be given a tour of the lab and an overview of the equipment and services available. They will also be given the opportunity to explore the lab during the remainder of the session and ask questions. (This can be added to any instruction session that takes place in the library or can be scheduled alone)

MultiMaker Lab Overview: This session provides an overview of the MultiMaker Lab, including our equipment and services, via a PowerPoint presentation or video recorded tour. This presentation can also include a list of project examples related to your class or examples of how the equipment can be applied to your assigned project. 

3D Printing and Design Introduction: Ideal for classes where students will create a 3D printed project or object, such as a design prototype, game piece, etc. Typically, this session would cover a brief overview of 3D printing and in particular how to 3D print in the MultiMaker Lab, and then would teach students the basics of 3D design through the creation of a sample 3D model in the 3D design software of your choice (Tinkercad is often recommended for the demonstrated software, as it’s completely free, browser-based, and easy to learn; overall, it’s a really good option for anyone new to 3D design.) Students could also follow along on their own computers for this part of the session (or on computers in a classroom) as they’re walked step-by-step through the design process. 

Project Resources: This session provides an overview of the equipment, software, and spaces the library and the MultiMaker Lab has available for students to complete their projects. Information about how to use the space, hours, and who to contact for help will also be provided. Examples include recording spaces and microphones/cameras for audio/video projects or cameras for taking photographs. 

Software Demonstration/Workshop: We provide students with a demonstration of how to use one of our software programs of your choice that they can use to complete their projects. We’ll discuss the basic features they’ll need to use to create their project and end with saving or exporting the finished product in the file type of your choice for submitting the final project. Example software include Audacity or Audition for recording and editing audio; Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve for editing video; or GIMP, InkScape, Scribus, Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign for creating or editing posters, graphics, flyers, and other photo/visual materials.

Project Resources and Software Demonstration Combined Session: This combines the two sessions listed above into one. The first part of the session will briefly cover the MultiMaker Lab and library resources relevant for your project, and the second part will focus on how to use a specific software. 

Equipment Demonstration: We provide students with all of the background knowledge and basics of how to use the piece(s) of equipment of your choice to complete a project relevant to your class/assignment. Examples include setting up and using a green screen for a recorded presentation or scanning an object with a 3D scanner and turning it into a file to edit or replicate. 

Asynchronous Instruction Menu

Overview Canvas Module: This module provides an overview of the MultiMaker Lab, including our equipment and services, via a Canvas module that can be imported directly into your Canvas course. The module is made of a mix of videos and text pages, and should take students 10 - 15 minutes to complete. 

Customized Canvas Module: This module is similar to the overview module, but primarily includes information about the MultiMaker Lab that is relevant to your class and/or project. It can be imported directly into your Canvas course. It will be made of a mix of videos and text pages, and can cover topics such as relevant lab resources, quick tutorials for a piece of equipment or software, or anything else as requested. This can accompany a synchronous session or take the place of one. It can cover topics similar to the ones found in this libguide. The completion time of the module will vary based on content, but content can be adjusted to fit your chosen time. 

Customized Libguide: This module is customized for your class and/or project. It will include information about the MultiMaker Lab that is relevant to your class and/or project. It can include information about relevant resources, quick tutorials or how-to's for a piece of equipment or software, or anything else as requested. An example of a customized libguide can be found by clicking here. This can accompany a synchronous session or take the place of one.  

Book a Lab Librarian

This service is available for both students and faculty/staff. We're happy to show any faculty members how to use any of the equipment and software that we offer or assist with any of your or your students' projects related to the equipment/software we have. Through this service, you or your students can make a 1-on-1 appointment with a lab librarian for any of our equipment/software or related projects. We can meet in-person in the lab or online (when possible; for certain things in-person would be best). 

Requesting a 1-on-1 lab librarian appointment is easy! Simply click here to open the form, fill out the required fields, and a lab librarian will be in touch soon. Please allow at least three days notice for scheduling an appointment.