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MultiMaker Lab

This includes information about the space, equipment, and resources available to students, faculty, and staff.


Below is a list of past projects organized by subject that have been completed with MultiMaker Lab equipment or resources. Most of these assignments were accompanied by instruction sessions on MultiMaker Lab services and related software demonstrations.

We're open to to all UAH students, faculty, and staff, and we love to work with faculty and staff on ways to incorporate MultiMaker Lab projects into your courses. We will work with faculty and staff with from any department and with any class.

Assignments by Subject


3D Printed Obstacle: Students created a mouse maze (with a marble substituting for the mouse) for a STEAM project for an elementary education class. One of the obstacles in the maze had to be a 3D printed obstacle the "mouse" touched or interacted with. 



Podcast: Students worked in groups to make a 15-20 minute podcast synthesizing the research they did in previous essays and making connections to what they discussed in class. They also wrote an essay on the process.