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Return to Campus: Library Services and Policies

An overview of the services available to UAH students, faculty, and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

User Services

Books may be returned to the bookdrop outside of the library's front entrance. 

You can check the status of your account on the Primo Pathfinder Library Account page (UAH students, faculty, and staff only).

Guests are allowed in building but must check-in at User Services.

If you have other questions about your account or wish to verify any information, including needing library assistance with the Employee Separation Checklist, contact us using the methods listed, above.

Requesting Books Online

You can request books online to be picked up at the User Services Desk. From Primo Pathfinder, first sign in, and then find the books you want. You will see a "request" option under "Get It". Use that to request the book. 



Library Bookdrop Is Open